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Located in Stuttgart, Germany the Porsche museum offers up over 80 cars in pristine condition spread over 5600 square metres.  Just the building itself is very impressive and imposing – inviting you to explore the “Porsche journey”. 


The concept is a “rolling” museum which means that the stock is constantly rotated. It’s also organized in a timeline fashion meaning that you get to see the evolution of the brand from the very beginning.  This is where Porsche excels.  You can see the gentle changes in the various models over the years.  No big “jumps” from one year to the next but more an evolution which means the continuity is excellent over time.  The Porsche “silhouette” is omnipresent.  It has helped to really shape the brand.

I must confess, I did not know that much about Porsche – the models, the history.  Not because I was not interested but because I have focused on other brands.  After having spent the day at the museum, I was left with a deeper understanding of the influence Porsche has had in the automotive world.  The museum is a walk through the timeline of the brand including the early beginnings of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche (designer of the Beetle); the “Typ 64”; 911 genesis and evolution, racing history and the latest electric offerings looking into the future.

If you have a chance, go visit – you won’t regret it.

Impressive building

"Everybody wants it, nobody needs it"

754 T7 – Imagine if this were chosen as the 911 design?

"Everybody wants it, nobody needs it"

“A product nobody needs but everybody wants”

"Everybody wants it, nobody needs it"

A few trophies

"Everybody wants it, nobody needs it"

70 Years of Porsche

"Everybody wants it, nobody needs it"

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