1. How long does it take to set up?

The Car/Bike Shield takes about 10 minutes to inflate once fully unboxed and unfolded.

The Ultimate Car/Bike Shield takes less than 5 minutes to inflate once fully unboxed and unfolded.


2. How do I set it up?

Please refer to a detailed description here Instructions

3. How does it work?

Please refer to a detailed description here How it Works

4. What size is right for my vehicle?

Please refer to a detailed description here: What Size?

5. How much does it cost to operate?

This of course depends on how much your energy costs locally but here is an idea:

  • USA: approximately $1.60/month (based on 12 cents per kWh)
  • UK/Europe: approximately €2.40/ £ 2.10 month (based on 20 € cents per kWh)

6. Can I leave my cars’ soft-top folded?

We recommend leaving the soft-top up and the windows open in order for the air to circulate freely and remove any condensation

7. Can I use the products outdoors?

You can only use the “Outdoor” versions of products outside.  The rest are designed for indoor use only.  Using them in any other way voids the warranty and risks damaging the device and possibly your vehicle

8. Can I use another car cover on my vehicle?

We do not recommend this as it may capture moisture and limit the circulation of air.

9. What should I do if there is a rip in it?

Simple PVC tape will be enough to seal the plastic and prevent air leakage.  For larger holes, a small repair kit with replacement material (clear and colored) was provided with your product.

10. Do I need to empty my vehicle of liquids? (gas, oil, etc…)

There is no need to remove any liquid from the vehicle as the floor is non-permeable.

11. Can I park my vehicle wet?

We recommend drying your car before it gets put under the cover.

12. How do I get the wrinkles out?

The product is shipped from the factory tightly packed.  Unfolding and inflating the device will remove wrinkles.  Over time, and depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, the product will smooth out (although some wrinkles may remain).  If you want to expedite the process and get an immediate result we recommend using a standard portable clothes steamer.  Gently pass the steamer over the product and dry with a cloth or towel.


13. What happens if the power goes off?

If the power goes off, unless you have a back-up system, the device will deflate on top of your vehicle.  Since the material is soft PVC, there is no risk of damage.  Once the power goes back on, the device will auto inflate.  We recommend manually assisting the re-inflation of the device.

14. Can I add a battery trickle charger?

Yes!  Every Shield product has a purpose-made slit to allow cables to pass inside the garage.