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Ultimate Car ShieldTM

"Very pleased with my new acquisition of a stand-up Ultimate Car Shield that you drive in and out of. Not only keeps the car dust free (has two air circulating fans) but most importantly for my venue keeps the critters out of the car (mice, spiders, …). I have had substantial damage from mice in the past – I even found an empty mousetrap that had been dragged into the transmission tunnel. My Lotus Elan only needs the 12 foot version – so less expensive as well. I like the small footprint in my garage and that it fits between my 2 post jack. I am thinking if I want to use the jack I’ll just drag the shield outside out the way – or deflate it. Re-inflates in just a couple of minutes.Compared to other designs these don’t require any reinforcing struts. Plug in and inflate. The pump maintains the superstructure at proper pressure, periodically cycling on. The circulating fans run constantly (very quiet)."

- Naury

Ultimate Car ShieldTM

"Very good product. Best investment for my car! "

- Martin Renner

Ultimate Bike ShieldTM

"Really enjoy the drive in and out feature. Helpful people when I contacted them"

- Matt Johnson

Bike Shield

"Very happy with the Bike Shield. As described. Fast shipping."

- Roger Gilmore

Ultimate Car ShieldTM

"Well made. Should protect my Corvette!"

- Geri Jones

Ultimate Car ShieldTM

"I was looking at the different options for storing my Pontiac GTO and came across this product. At first I was not sure it would fit my car and my garage. I was interested in the airflow system which I think is the most important feature for keeping the car dry and the condensation away. I ordered the 18 foot Ultimate Car Shield to give me enough space to walk around my car. I ordered on Monday and it was delivered on Friday. The set up is pretty intuitive but it took me longer than it says in the instructions. I am surprised by how quiet it is. I think this is a great product and investment. I would recommend this to anyone who has a prized car they want to keep safe and clean."

- Jackson

Car cover
Whisper quiet yet powerful fan system.
Inteligent pump and integrated control unit maintains optimal air pressure.
Continuous filtered airflow removes moisture and condensation.
Convenient drive-in, drive-out feature gives you quick access to your car.
Heavy-duty PVC pillars mean no metal touches your vehicle.
No-scratch nylon zippers
Impermeable floor protects your garage.

How it Works

Condensation – not humidity – is the main threat when storing your vehicle.  When warmer air comes in contact with colder air such as on metal panels and glass on cars it forms condensation…


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