Ultimate Car Shield™ White

Protect your car in style with our storage solutions. The Ultimate Car Shield sets up in minutes and guarantees nothing touches your car. Continuous filtered airflow reduces condensation keeping your vehicle dry, safe and clean. Convenient drive-in, drive-out feature lets you access your car quickly.

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Product Dimensions


Interior LengthInterior WidthInterior HeightExterior LengthExterior WidthExterior Height
12' / 3.7m Compact144'' / 3.66 m70.1'' / 1.8 m70'' / 1.78 m152'' / 3.86 m86.6'' / 2.2 m78'' / 1.98 m
14' / 4.3m Slim168.1'' / 4.27 m84.6'' / 2.15 m70'' / 1.78 m176'' / 4.47 m100.4'' / 2.55 m78'' / 1.98 m
14' / 4.3m168.1'' / 4.27 m95.2'' / 2.42 m70'' / 1.78 m176'' / 4.47 m111'' / 2.82 m78'' / 1.98 m
16' / 4.9m192.1'' / 4.88 m95.2'' / 2.42 m70'' / 1.78 m200'' / 5.08 m111'' / 2.82 m78'' / 1.98 m
18' / 5.5m216'' / 5.49 m95.2'' / 2.42 m70'' / 1.78 m224'' / 5.69 m111'' / 2.82 m78'' / 1.98 m
20' / 6.1m240'' / 6.09 m95.2'' / 2.42 m70'' / 1.78 m247.6'' / 6.29 m111'' / 2.82 m78'' / 1.98 m
22' / 6.7m263.8'' / 6.7 m95.2'' / 2.42 m70'' / 1.78 m271.7'' / 6.9 m111'' / 2.82 m78'' / 1.98 m
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Ultimate Car Shield™ White

Easy to Use

• Sets up in minutes
• Self-standing structure
• Drive-in, drive-out
• 3 access points
• Intelligent pump

Ultimate Car Shield™ White

Stylish & Strong

• Clear PVC panels create a beautiful indoor showcase

• Heavy-duty PVC pillars mean no metal touches your vehicle

Ultimate Car Shield™ White

Peace of Mind

• Protection from rust, dust, rodents, mold, dents & kids

• Keeps your vehicle clean & safe

• Ultimate storage solution for your investment

• 2 year warranty*

Ultimate Car Shield™ White

Silent & Powerful

• Whisper-quiet fan system

• Powerful fan system ensures continuous airflow

• Low energy usage

How it Works

Ultimate Car Shield & Ultimate Bike Shield

Ultimate Car Shield™ White
Whisper quiet yet powerful fan system.
Inteligent pump and integrated control unit maintains optimal air pressure.
Continuous filtered airflow removes moisture and condensation.
Convenient drive-in, drive-out feature gives you quick access to your car.
Heavy-duty PVC pillars mean no metal touches your vehicle.
No-scratch nylon zippers
Impermeable floor protects your garage.

The Science (briefly)

Condensation – not humidity – is the main threat when storing your vehicle.  When warmer air comes in contact with colder air such as on metal panels and glass on cars it forms condensation (moisture).  This happens if there are rapid changes in temperature.  By constantly moving air, In the GarageTM creates a stable environment and a perfect capsule and car cocoon system with limited changes in temperature.  This reduces the opportunity for condensation to occur and keeps your vehicle dry.

Ultimate Car Shield™ White
Ultimate Car Shield™ White

Heavy-Duty Structure

Strong 0.60mm PVC pillars make a powerful frame around your vehicle. The clear 0.35mm PVC panels create a “showcase” look.  Together, they form great protection against scratches, dents, rodents and other threats to your vehicle. The self-standing structure allows for convenient drive in, drive out access.

Whisper Quiet yet Powerful Fan

Incredibly silent German-engineered “Silent Wings 3” fans from Be-Quiet! run at only 28.1 dB(A) reducing noise to a minimum.  Take a look at the manufacturing video here: https://www.youtube.com

Powerful fan system with an airflow rating of 155 CFM or 264 m3/hour replaces the air at least 5 times per hour

Ultimate Car Shield™ White
Ultimate Car Shield™ White

Set it & Forget it

The 800W air pump rated to 2000L/min. inflates the Ultimate Shield in less than 5 minutes.  Once inflated our integrated control unit automatically maintains the optimal air pressure in the pillars so there is no manual intervention needed.

By the way, the pump can both inflate or deflate.

Easy Access: 1, 2, 3

Three large access doors to give you easy entry no matter how your garage is set up

Roll-up door panels with convenient clips to keep them out of the way

Ultimate Car Shield™ White
Ultimate Car Shield™ White

No-Scratch Zippers

High-quality 100% nylon that won’t rust or scratch your vehicle

Two-sided for better grip and easy access

Protect Your Garage Floor

Sturdy 0.45mm PVC washable floor protects your garage from grease, antifreeze, oil, etc.

Ultimate Car Shield™ White
Ultimate Car Shield™ White

Make it Your Own

Clear PVC pocket for customizable sign


ITGUCS12WUltimate Car Shield12152.0 x 86.6 x 78.0144.0 x 70.1 x 70.03.86 x 2.20 x 1.983.66 x 1.80 x 1.78WhiteBlack & White42 kg / 93 lbs
ITGUCS14WSLIMWUltimate Car Shield14 slim176.0 x 100.4 x 78.0168.1 x 84.6 x 70.04.47 x 2.55 x 1.984.27 x 2.15 x 1.78WhiteBlack & White42 kg / 93 lbs
ITGUCS14WUltimate Car Shield14176.0 x 111.0 x 78.0168.1 x 95.2 x 70.04.47 x 2.82 x 1.984.27 x 2.42 x 1.78WhiteBlack & White42 kg / 93 lbs
ITGUCS16WUltimate Car Shield16200.0 x 111.0 x 78.0192.1 x 95.2 x 70.05.08 x 2.82 x 1.984.88 x 2.42 x 1.78WhiteBlack & White45 kg / 100 lbs
ITGUCS18WUltimate Car Shield18224.0 x 111.0 x 78.0216.0 x 95.2 x 70.05.69 x 2.82 x 1.985.49 x 2.42 x 1.78WhiteBlack & White50 kg / 110 lbs
ITGUCS20WUltimate Car Shield20247.6 x 111.0 x 78.0240.0 x 95.2 x 70.06.29 x 2.82 x 1.986.09 x 2.42 x 1.78WhiteBlack & White55 kg / 121 lbs
ITGUCS22WUltimate Car Shield22271.7 x 111.0 x 78.0263.8 x 95.2 x 70.06.90 x 2.82 x 1.986.70 x 2.42 x 1.78WhiteBlack & White61 kg / 135 lbs


StructureInflated 0.60mm PVC pillars create a strong self-standing structure with convenient drive-in, drive-out
PanelsClear 0.35mm PVC
FloorSturdy 0.45mm PVC washable floor protects from grease, antifreeze, oil, etc.
Access PointsOne front-end for your vehicle and two side
Fan“Silent Wings 3” fans from Be-Quiet! Only 28.1 dB(A) Airflow rating of 155 CFM or 264 m3/hour. Input 100-240 V. 50/60Hz. Output 12v / 2.5 amps.
FilterRemovable and washable activated carbon charcoal filter absorbs and traps particles and other debris from dirty air
Inflation PumpStrong 800W air pump rated to 2000L/min. Maximum recommended pressure 2.56PSI/0.17 Bar. Can both inflate or deflate
Pressure Maintenance Integrated control unit automatically maintains air pressure in the pillars. No manual intervention needed.
ZippersHigh-quality 100% nylon, two-sided zippers that won't rust or scratch your vehicle. Color-coded with structure.
Sign PocketClear PVC pocket (24"x8" / 60x20cm) for customizable sign.
What's includedInflation/Maintenance pump. Circulating fan with AC adapter. Washable filter.
Shipping2 Packages
Warranty2 year




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