Replacement Fan & Panel Kit

Replacement fan, panel and AC power adaptor.  For Car Shield and Bike Shield only.


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Replacement fan, panel and AC power adaptor.

Input 100-240 V.  50/60Hz.  Output 12v / 2.5 amps.

Plug adapators for USA/Canada, UK, Europe.

Fan airflow rated at 190 CFM (322 m3h) @ 4200 RPM.  54 dBA.

Velcro panel fits onto Car shield and Bike Shield products. (not suitable for Ultimate Car Shield and Ultimate Bike Shield)


How it Works

Car Shield & Bike Shield

Replacement Fan & Panel Kit
Powerful fan system circulates filtered air
Continuous filtered airflow removes moisture and condensation.
PVC protects against stratches, dents, rodents, etc
No-scratch nylon zippers
Impermeable floor protects your garage.

The Science (briefly)

Condensation – not humidity – is the main threat when storing your vehicle.  When warmer air comes in contact with colder air such as on metal panels and glass on cars it forms condensation (moisture).  This happens if there are rapid changes in temperature.  By constantly moving air, In the GarageTM creates a stable environment with limited changes in temperature.  This reduces the opportunity for condensation to occur and keeps your vehicle dry.

Replacement Fan & Panel Kit
Replacement Fan & Panel Kit

Protect your Investment

The clear 0.35mm PVC panels create a beautiful indoor display creating great protection against scratches, dents, rodents and other threats to your vehicle.  All PVC material means no metal touches your vehicle.

Powerful Fan Circulates Air

Powerful fan system with an airflow rating of 190 CFM or 322 m3/hour replaces the air at least 5 times per hour

Replacement Fan & Panel Kit
Replacement Fan & Panel Kit

No-Scratch Zippers

High-quality 100% nylon that won’t rust or scratch your vehicle

Two-sided for better grip and easy access

Protect Your Garage Floor

Sturdy 0.45mm PVC washable floor protects your garage from grease, antifreeze, oil, etc.

Replacement Fan & Panel Kit
Replacement Fan & Panel Kit

Make it Your Own

Clear PVC pocket for customizable sign




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